june 2017

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july 2017

1jul - 211:00 PMjul 2- 6:00 AMIndependence Weekend with Erick Morillo & Patrick MUse Promo Code "GOODLIFEMIAMI" for Discounts

1jul - 211:00 PMjul 2- 6:00 AMApollonia gets busy on the LoftUSE PROMO CODE "GOODLIFE" FOR DISCOUNTS

3jul - 4jul 311:00 PMjul 4Independence Weekend with Chus + CeballosUse Promo Code "GOODLIFEMIAMI" for Discounts

3jul - 4jul 311:00 PMjul 4Sasha Bakke & Thunderpony set off on our nation's birthdayUSE PROMO CODE "GOODLIFE" FOR DISCOUNTS

4jul - 5jul 411:00 AMjul 5Independence 4th of July Pool Party 2017Use Promo Code "GOODLIFEMIAMI" for Discounts

8jul - 9jul 811:00 PMjul 9July smashes through with Thomas JackUSE PROMO CODE "GOODLIFE" FOR DISCOUNTS

14jul - 15jul 1411:00 PMjul 15Nic Fanciulli has a surprise for everyoneUse Promo Code "GOODLIFEMIAMI" for Discounts

15jul - 16jul 1511:00 PMjul 16Ame & Henrick Schwarz beats will keep you movingUSE PROMO CODE "GOODLIFE" FOR DISCOUNTS

21jul - 22jul 2111:00 PMjul 22Jay Lumen letting you into his world at HeartUse Promo Code "GOODLIFEMIAMI" for Discounts

august 2017

5aug - 6aug 511:00 PMaug 6Rebel with Bob Moses on the TerraceUSE PROMO CODE "GOODLIFE" FOR DISCOUNTS

11aug - 12aug 1111:00 PMaug 12Humans Alike present PleasureKraft ... the World AwaitsUse Promo Code "GOODLIFEMIAMI" for Discounts

september 2017

No Events

october 2017

13oct - 15oct 1312:00 PMoct 15The Gorillaz will take form at the III PointsLimited Time only discounts available

november 2017

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december 2017

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january 2018

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february 2018

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march 2018

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april 2018

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may 2018

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