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Goodlife Miami officially began in 2008, starting out as Nightclub promoters and entrepreneurs, 2 brothers created a network that still thrives today.

Everyone speaks of starting a movement and somehow changing the world. Even if it is their little world that they live in. Which includes the friends they have, the places they go for fun and how they make a living. A movement would not exist without people who believe in it. The Goodlife Miami movement as of 2009 changed lives in one night and touched people forever. 

The dream thought up constantly started in the neighborhood of Kendall in South Miami. A 19 year old Isaac Jr. learning how to become a Disc Jockey in his room for countless nights. The pounding of loud music and ambition was ultimately noticed by his older brother Sergio who was busy working a full time job. 

How did these two connect and create Goodlife Miami, promotional, photography company and lifestyle website ? They were not on the same paths. Isaac was spending his weekends at warehouse parties and working as a street team member for Sony Latino. Sergio was climbing the corporate ladder with hopes of starting a family at the tender age of 23. The invitation. 

The invitation that Isaac created for his first mobile DJ gig was a house party and very amateur, to say the least. Sergio, 4 years his senior saw this and helped him with the finishing touches, and created his first entrepreneurial business card which was for his brother. For several years Sergio continued to look after his little bro when Isaac grew from Djing all age warehouse parties, to seeing his name on the marquee of Miami Beach’s famous Cameo Nightclub. It was at this time, Sergio and Isaac looked at all the people who supported them, and they all had one thing in common. They all wanted to be a part of the Good Life Miami, some way, somehow.

The name Goodlife, which was Sergio’s nickname given to him by local favorite DJ Legacy, was soon developing into a strong team of over 20 promoters who all loved Isaac’s music and Sergio’s way with people. There are things that Isaac did in that DJ booth that Sergio had no idea what was going on. There were situations that Sergio managed day to day that Isaac only trusted Sergio to handle. This was their way onto the radar of Miami’s elite nightlife champions like Michael Samuels. It was with Michael’s experience and guidance that Sergio began to give more and more importance to Nightlife Promotion and Entrepreneurship.

Fast forward ten years of amazing parties, beautiful people, blurry nights and getting paid to party in practically every nightclub in Miami, The Goodlife team gained a reputation with many. As weird as it sounds, non-stop partying definitely took a toll on Sergio’s health. Along the way, other business opportunities spawned and grew into much more profitable entities. Goodlife Miami would eventually leave the nightclub scene as promoters, but refusing to die as a lifestyle brand. 

Redirecting the focus for Goodlife Miami is still a work in progress… but exciting nonetheless. With the growing popularity of social media, Instagram is where the Goodlife continues to thrive and expand our network. This website is where our future plans are headed, possibly even a Smart phone App. Right now, we are having fun and keeping it “cool”, hoping to encourage other Miami brands and Entrepreneurs to collaborate with us. 

Our story will continue to grow and we will add photos and videos of the past, present and future of the Goodlife. We hope you continue to follow us on this magical ride, and thank you for your time in getting to know us. 

Cheers to the Goodlife!

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