The joining rappers 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne collaborate their trap lyrics and auto-tuned melodies on this 3/04/2016  release. There is one thing that can be said, and that is this project sounds like it started over 6 years ago and finally released to accompany the smash single by 2 Chainz ,”Watch Out.” Lil’ Wayne’s verses are something of the past given no new solo project down the pipeline. The song “What Happened,” by Lil’ Wayne pokes fun by dropping subliminal rhymes about his past relationships. The production is lacking besides the leading single(s), Watch Out, and Bounce. The overall volume changes in this mix-tape sounding album, however the introduction did have Weezy saying he did not care of what he is doing but then again it is titled Dedication ? Not an album I would listen to again.

2 Chainz and Lil Wayne are performing an exclusive concert in Atlanta streamed live on Tidal on Wednesday, March 30th.