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Where are you from? and where are you going? We started from the bottom now we here! I am hailing from the melting pot of Miami culture and my involvement for the performing arts began quite early. Reflecting back, I can say I’ve been the happiest when involved in production and creative projects. Hopefully the future will be the same.

What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is not truly being able to live out and experience the world for its greatness. We are all facing unique battles every day that no one else knows about. It’s easy, especially in today’s reality, to get yourself down and submit to the negativity. I do my best to be grateful for all I have and to be better. 

What is your favorite environment to work in to perform your best. I love events and productions that are wildly creative and theatrical. It’s like being a kid again every time. Productions that pay while allowing true direction and creativity are even better because they allow the opportunity to be truly artistic. Especially when the client hire the best in the industry to bring the vision to life.

You are on a private jet and you can go to one place in the world. Where to? I’m a history and art fanatic. I’d love to go to a place rich with history and culture that I can both explore and be adventurous. Places like Switzerland, Peru, and New Zealand would be at the top.

What do you search for when searching for new dancers/performers? While most people look for visually pleasing factors like height. I look for many factors like being punctual to an audition, preparedness, energy, passion, attitude, friendliness, eagerness to learn, talent, and strength. All these traits define a professional performer.

Define Success in your own words. Success to me is, waking up excited to go to work. The capability to go through different experiences and challenges like financially supporting yourself while helping others with your passion. Together with establishing relationships with likeminded people and creating a diverse community, for instance.

What is the next project? I am grateful for the work and experience that Miami has provided for me. However I would love the opportunity to get involved in larger productions such as HBO or, Broadway. Miami is great but there is a limit on what you can create because you are limited to providing for what the client’s need. It’s been my experience that, when I am booked for a production as an entertainment director then the level of micro-management is high by individuals who do not possess any experience in entertainment.

What has been your biggest obstacle during this pandemic? There is the obvious lack of work or return to work set date for those that are in the hospitality and entertainment industry. This has left performers and staff to relocate, or change their career path.

What is the most rewarding part about working in your line of work? The ever changing experiences, diversity of people, being able to see a person’s reaction to our work. Seeing past the face value in an individual and recognizing their potential as a performer/model Mostly, being able to do what I love and have been passionate about since being a kid. That’s a gift. 

Anyone ever had you star struck? Why? Being in the industry I’ve been exposed to a lot of celebrities and “stars”. It honestly takes a lot to impress me. I have more respect for those that are true creatives and that dive deep into their passions to share their identity regardless the cost. That being said.. Sting and David Bowie. 

When I like to listen to (Your Choice) I am usually doing this. Classic Rock or Jazz : Working at the computer Latin or 90’s R&B : cleaning the house. House / Hip Hop or Reggae : in the car.

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