Cinco de Mayo, a day known for its vibrant celebrations of Mexican culture and heritage, is eagerly anticipated in Miami each year. From lively street festivals to boat parties on the bay, the city offers a myriad of exciting events to mark the occasion. If you’re looking to join the fiesta on May 5th, here are some top picks for Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Miami:

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Cinco de Mayo Brickell


Join the festivities in the heart of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood at the Cinco de Mayo Brickell street festival. This dynamic event features live music, traditional Mexican cuisine, refreshing drinks, captivating dance performances, and engaging cultural activities. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you celebrate with fellow revelers.

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Calle Ocho Music Festival


While the iconic Calle Ocho Music Festival typically takes place earlier in March, the spirit of the event continues to resonate on Cinco de Mayo in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. Expect to encounter bustling street parties, pulsating Latin music, mouthwatering food vendors serving up authentic dishes, and plenty of opportunities to dance the night away.

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Cinco de Wynwood


Wynwood, renowned for its eclectic street art and trendy vibe, hosts its own Cinco de Mayo celebrations with the Cinco de Wynwood event. Experience the neighborhood’s unique energy as you explore special events, indulge in drink specials featuring Mexican-inspired cocktails, enjoy live music performances, and admire stunning art installations that add to the festive ambiance.

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Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawls

For those seeking a lively night out on the town, many bars and restaurants across Miami organize Cinco de Mayo-themed pub crawls. Embark on a spirited journey through the city’s bustling nightlife scene, where you can partake in drink specials, savor delicious cuisine, groove to live entertainment, and revel in the festive atmosphere with fellow partygoers.

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Cinco de Mayo Boat Parties

Take your Cinco de Mayo celebrations to the water with one of the many boat parties and cruises offered on Biscayne Bay. Enjoy panoramic views of Miami’s skyline as you cruise along the bay, savoring Mexican-inspired refreshments, dancing to festive music, and soaking up the lively atmosphere aboard these themed vessels.

Whether you’re strolling through Brickell’s bustling streets, dancing the night away in Little Havana, exploring Wynwood’s vibrant arts district, hopping from bar to bar on a pub crawl, or cruising along Biscayne Bay on a boat party, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Miami. Embrace the spirit of the occasion and join in the festivities for an unforgettable experience filled with music, culture, and fun. Viva la fiesta!

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