Feature: Photography by Alberto GV

Photographer Alberto GV

A huge thanks to Alberto GV for all the support and tags on Goodlife IG. We met Alberto via the Miami Instagram community when he started to tag us on his beautiful photography of Miami landscapes and drone views. In this post you will get to know a little more about Alberto and his journey with Photography in Miami and abroad. If you are interested in working with Alberto make sure to Follow him on Instagram, and his Website: albertogv.com.

Photographer Alberto GV
Photographer Alberto GV

How did you become a photographer?
Photography I think is an art with which we are all connected in some way from a very young age, after several processes in the art world such as music, I discovered that I can really transmit so many things that I perceive from a photo.

Describe your ideal photo session?
My ideal session is always the one that arises by nature, when I choose a place and it turns out that in that place there are wonders that are only perceived by the eyes through the camera, it can be from a bridge, from the sea or even a tropical place full tree, there are many places the world is small but immense at the same time, my preferences are Miami and New York , my favorite time for photos is sunrise and sunset and cloudy days.

What is the hardest thing for a photographer?
The most difficult thing I think is that they value your talent, anyone can take photos from a cell phone, but not everyone has the magic to transmit.

What’s your favorite gear?
My favorite team is without a doubt SONY ALPHA and regarding Lenses the TAMRON and SAMYANG brands.

What are your career goals?
My goals are to be able to reach the maximum number of people in the world and to get to know through me places that are already here but from my vision, to be able to work full time in times like these would be a blessing.

Do you follow a particular style, trend?
I am open to all kinds of photography styles, such as the Retraro, the landscape, the commercial in terms of advertising, even night photography.

What’s your favorite subject to photograph?
I love long exposure photography, landscape photography and people portraiture.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?
When I started before studying and becoming a professional I would have loved to have the technology that is available today in our hands, but everything happens in its perfect time.

Name 3 elements of a great picture.
I think that 3 important elements in a great photo are the following: 1 A good photograph must have a clear objective, 2 must focus attention on the objective, immediately attract the viewer to that object, and as number 3 it must Simplify.

Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?
With my photography I want to convey different feelings, trips to those same places and moments, I want them to clear their minds and focus on the image before them, I humbly think that the public is the one who determines whether I achieve it or not, although I think that with the perseverance and love that the projects managed to achieve.

How can people contact you?
You can contact me through my website www.albertogv.com on my Instagram @gvalberto and on Facebook www.facebook.com/albertogvgvalberto
Thank you so much!

Instagram @gvalberto 

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