“If your business is not on the internet,

then your business will be out of business.”

– Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

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Truthfully, the small businesses we have had the pleasure to work with and entrepreneurs that are behind them are why we even bring this up. Miami is booming with teams of Do-it-Yourself-ers and this information can very well be the difference from Success and Closing up shop. Just ask yourself these three questions :

  1. When you send an email, are you appearing as professional as your business is ?
  2. Is everyone in your company finding it easy to work for you ?
  3. Are the results I am seeing, really my best or can we do better ?

The answer to your questions are finally here! Google App for Work is what works for Goodlife Miami LLC. with day to day operations & provides a suite of tools that allow us to get work done anywhere. Watch this, you will regret you didn’t.




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Simply message [email protected] for more information. Let’s work smarter not harder!

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