Tatiana Blades of Aura Entertainment

Ever wondered what it’s like to run an entertainment agency? Today, we bring you a special treat – an exclusive interview with Tatiana, the driving force behind AURA Entertainment Agency.

1. Tatiana, tell us a little about AURA and how you started. Was it always the plan or did it land in your lap somehow? Were you ever a dancer yourself?

“Take a chance on yourself!”

Tatiana: AURA wasn’t a blueprint, more a whispering urge to dive into creating my vision of an entertainment agency. From childhood’s dance floors to adulthood’s stages, performing was etched into my soul. I went through my 20s, juggling a day gig and moonlighting as a performer under local dance agencies. Then, 2008’s mortgage meltdown struck a major chord – a cue for me to say, “take a chance on yourself”! Shielding my spirit from the corporate curtain, AURA was born to align my life experiences as an artist and performer, values, and passion in a single space to share with other like-minded individuals.

2. Looking back to when you first started it, and where you are now… what would you tell your former self as advice for the future?

“If you lose, don’t lose the lesson”

Tatiana: Have faith in your instincts. Alliances aren’t always friendly. “Showbiz” does not equal “show friends”; contracts, contracts, contracts AND know your value. Also, Dad’s wisdom: “if you lose, don’t lose the lesson”.

3. What were some of the struggles and hardships that you dealt with when you first started, and how do you deal with them now?

“I do my best to remember it’s the rhythm of business.”

Tatiana: In the arena of competition, where business sometimes wears an unfair face, you’ll encounter shadows – individuals and clients seeking to exploit and undercut your rates to balance budgets. Performers, as a unified entity, might yearn for more bookings, while rivals mimic your innovations at lower costs. Amidst this cacophony, I do my best to remember it’s the rhythm of business. My perspective has been to persist in upholding my standards and work ethics. In doing so, I’ve found it will attract kindred spirits and clients, ascending to meet the standards and challenges.

4. We are big fans of your band, the Collectives. Did AURA come first, or the band? Any relation between the two, or do you keep them separate?

Tatiana: AURA was born in 2012. Through cosmic collaboration, the band gradually shaped itself into the Collektives and solidified its identity in 2019. I strive to maintain a clear distinction between my roles as an entertainment director and a musician, ensuring there’s no blend of the two to avoid any confusion.

5. Give us a quick summary of where you want AURA to be in 5 years? Any big plans?

Tatiana: A nationally recognized agency.

6. Finally, tell us anything you would like us to share or would like our audience to learn about you and/or AURA! Are there any special events approaching or announcements?

“AURA is more than just an entertainment agency”

Tatiana: I’m genuinely excited about several incredible upcoming projects. These include the AURA expansion into Atlantic City and the west coast of Florida, as well as my oversight of “Art with Me – Miami” as Entertainment Director this December. Moreover, I’m deeply involved in the production and impending launch of an online educational program, anticipated to debut by late this year or early 2024.

As our conversation with Tatiana concluded, it became evident that AURA is more than just an entertainment agency—it’s a manifestation of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. With Tatiana at the helm, AURA is set to continue its journey towards national recognition, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

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