Meet you all the way Roxana

Meet you all the way Roxana

Describe briefly what you envision while you are at a shoot. I am very spontaneous, therefore when it refers to shooting, I like to go with the flow and make sure my poses are unique. However, my thing is glamour photography. Meet you all the way Roxana. Follow her on Instagram.

Where are you from ? and where are you going ? I’m from Wroclaw, Poland. On the other hand, I feel my soul belongs to America and I would like to spend the next years of my life here in America. Nonetheless, at same time I would like to continue exploring the rest of the world. I’m dying to go to Asia and South America.

What is your biggest fear ? My biggest fear is lack of freedom.
My biggest concern is the lack of respect that human has towards the earth. Sadly, human kind has been destroying it and killing off the animals of this planet especially those that are endangered

What is your favourite workout and why ? My favorite workout is pole dancing, because it burns a lot of calories and that way I can eat nut butters without regrets. I also love to dance, in that I can get out most of the emotions I carry.

You are on a private jet and you can go to one place in the world. Where to? I would go to Peru, because I never been there yet and I think it’s a very sacred place where I could experience something that allows me to expand my spirituality. I feel I should go to India also to explore their religion and beliefs.

What is the best reaction you got for your talent and skills on stage ? The best reaction I ever got was from one of the judges of “Poland’s Got Talent” in 2013. She’s an actress whom I really look up to. She told me that she can hear the screaming of my body and can feel the pain I express through my performance and she can read it like an open book.

Define Success in your own words. For me, success is when my dreams come true and the challenges I’ve put on myself in life are achieved.

Meet you all the way Roxana

What is the next project ? The next project is recording a music album and focusing more on my music career. It’s already in progress. Also, I would love to run in some talent shows in other countries and compete in more exotic pole dance competitions.

What is the most important quality you seek in a bae ? When you are saying “bae”, you mean a girl or a guy ? I like guys who are very ambitious, courage, confident, funny and laid back. Passion and compassion is always very important. I am very sensitive myself, so I always look for sensitive guys but strong at the same time, if you know what I mean. I’m not mentioning intelligence and awareness cause I think it’s obvious and nature lovers are a plus.

What has been your biggest obstacle during this pandemic ? I lost my mom in February, so just before the whole thing happened, so I had to deal with the loss at the same time I got stuck in my country and haven’t been able to get back to USA yet but at the same time it allowed me to put all focus in my music career so maybe it’s a good thing. I think I wouldn’t be able to sit at home and write as many lyrics as I did cause I have pretty bad ADHD and I’m all over the place.

When you are teaching, what makes a good candidate in being a good student ? The best student I can have is the one that understands his or her body and feel the rhythm of the music. Trust me, I can deal with all kinds of students even the most resistant.

Anyone ever had you star struck ? Why ? Hold on I have to check the dictionary. Oh I see now, ha ha. Yeah I think one of the experiences was in 2008 when I personally went to Shaggy’s hotel room while he was on tour in Poland. I picked up tickets for his concert and I brought him a bottle of polish traditional alcohol which is a mead and he looked pretty concerned about the box it came in. My sister knew him for years so she hooked me up. I didn’t speak English very well at that time so I was really nervous and shy. He turned out to be very nice guy, but I was too shy to chat with him. So I gave him a bottle and ran away with the tickets haha.

When I listen to Gary Vee I usually do cardio on a stepper, haha.

It is Leg Day, Love it or Hate it ? Why ? Hate it! Squats are the worst, and usually after this kind of workout I have trouble with walking for the next 2-3 days, and I can’t do flexibility cause the muscles are too sore. 

Favorite Artist / Song / DJ to listen to right about now ? That’s the toughest question I could get. The problem is that I listen to so much music I’m not able to decide on one so I give you few names of the songs. Infected Mushroom by Pink Froid, G-eazy – Back to what you knew, Taco Hemingway – Polskie Tango.

Meet you all the way Roxana

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