Photography Feature Matporporato

Photography Feature Matporporato

Describe briefly what you envision while you are at a shoot. Most of my pictures are taken with previous research. I generally scout an area on google maps, re-visit a place I drove by and liked or get ideas from other photographers. I think what time of day will give me the best light and wait for good weather conditions. I learned that like this, when I get to the site, I have a clear vision of what I want and it makes the process way more efficient. Then again, some of my favorite photos were taken on the go. 

Where are you from ? and where are you going ? I’m from Spain but all my family is from Argentina. I’ve now been in Miami for more than two years. No idea where I’m going but my camera is coming with. Photography Feature Matporporato.

How did you become a photographer ? There is this thing in photography about sharing a very specific moment that captivates me. There are many amazing things around us which are usually overlooked. A good photograph can remind people about these small things or flashing moments. I became slowly obsessed in learning how to create a perfect image and I’m starting to figure out it is going to take me a lifetime.

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Describe your ideal photo session. Out in the wild, crisp fresh morning air with no haze and a hot coffee before getting into business.

What’s your favorite gear ? I only know Sony Alphas, but it took me a lot of research and I’m convinced I made the right choice. I use the new Tamron lenses and they sure are the best bang for the buck.

You are on a private jet and you can go to one place in the world. Where to? Yosemite 😊

Define Success in your own words. Finding a job you love and not stressing out with finances.

What is the next project ? A stop-motion for a friend’s product. On a personal level, more architecture photography. Photography Feature Matporporato.

Name 3 elements of a great picture (video). Light – Unique point of view – The story behind the picture (the story is the real deal. It is like studying art and not learning why Van Gogh painted himself with a missing ear. Once you get the story you appreciate more what you are looking at)

What has been your biggest obstacle during this pandemic ? Related to photography, none really, it has been awesome to ride my bike around ghost town with my camera in a rucksack. On a different level, not being able to socialize. Sometimes speaking to a stranger is seen as rude or scary.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos ? All the thousands of settings on my camera, which I still don’t know. Thank you Sony for keeping it interesting.

Anyone ever had you star struck ? Why ? Mick Jagger killing it last year on the dance floor. The guy was 75 years old. Legend.

When I like to listen to ( Your Choice ) I am usually doing this …. 

When I listen a playlist in spotify called Housewerk I’m usually crushing the pedals on my bike.

Favorite Artist / Song / DJ to listen to right about now ? The Parcels, great aussie band.

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