Pray for Surfside

Pray for Surfside

Miami Condo Tragedy

Miami is synonym of joy. Our majestic city is worldwide known for being a spot of leisure, of fun; where people throw their worries away and enjoy the pleasures of life. But life changes in the blink of an eye.
It was early Thursday when we heard the devastating news that change the mood of the city. Approximately at 1:30 am a portion of a condo tower -in the Surfside area -collapsed. Authorities arrived at the scene and found the northeast section of the 136-unit Champlain Towers South building had collapsed.
The precise cause of the accident is still unknown -experts say it is too soon to tell. There are some indications that the building presented structural problems in the last inspection. No doubt the pertinent authorities will work on the case and provide the answers the public, and the victims’ families deserve. But right now, we should focus in two things: honor the victims, and provide as much help as we can.
Raysa Rodriguez was one of the lucky ones to escape the collapse that has left 18 people dead -confirmed -and 145 still missing. Families grieve for the loss of loved ones, husbands seek their wives, parents are desperate the hear from their children. First responders are working non-stop amongst the ruble; one of them choked in tears as he found a birthday card smeared with blood. The heart of the community broke as they found the body of 2 little girls in the past days. As the mayor says: “the loss of our children is too great to bear.”
Our community has always risen to the occasion, and the help has poured from everywhere. Close to $2 million has been raised to aid those affected. A tennis area near the building was converted into a respite or the first responders, with the walls adorned with photos of those missing. More than 200 people are working in the rescue operation. Over the 4th of July weekend, officials rushed to demolish the remaining tower, before the coming storm, T.S. Elsa.
But there’s still much work to do. Miami needs you today. Please take in consideration that entire families lost everything. If you want to help, here are some options:

American Red Cross: is helping displaced residents. Click here to donate.
Support Surfside: this is a hardship fund for the victims. Click here to make a donation:
World Central Kitchen: they work feeding emergency personnel and the rescue teams. To donate,  click here.
Surfside Building Collapse Victim Fun. It is their goal to assist the victims in the long term and things not covered by insurance. Click here to donate.

Today we pause in our eagerness to celebrate, and instead we offer our silence, and prayers to honor those lost in this tragedy. We couldn’t be prouder of our rescue teams and the invaluable work they do. We hope families and friends of the victims find a peaceful resignation.
Please, join the Miami community in the efforts to alleviate this tragedy. Any donation is valuable.
This piece is dedicated to the victims of the Surfside Building Collapse -may they rest in peace.

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