In the world of music, there are those who merely listen, – Behind the pulsating rhythms and electrifying beats lies a journey fueled by passion, inspiration, and a relentless drive to make the crowd move. Today, we delve into the fascinating journey of one amazing DJ, whose story is as vibrant as the Miami nights he commands.

1. Could you describe your journey into the world of DJ’ing and what motivated
you to embark on this profession?

“I vividly recall, I was in my friend Jose’s house after school DJ’ing for the very first time.”

My DJ’ing journey has always been driven by the unknown. I started out wanting to distinguish
myself from my crew in high school. During my sophomore year, everyone was getting into sports, experimenting with drugs, and trying different things. I vividly recall, I was in my friend Jose’s house after school DJ’ing for the very first time.

Jose, he was building these little model airplanes on this workbench he had in the corner of the room.
In the middle of the room, there was a DJ mixer and some decks. I had never seen one prior to that day. Before I knew it, I was DJ’ing with the headphones blasting for hours. Jose would fall asleep and wake up every now and again showing me all different kinds of miniature airplanes he had just built. However, I never got distracted. The beat captivated me at that moment and never lost its grip on me. I was still a teenager at the time so my mother was blowing up my phone frantically looking for me. She was back at the high school waiting to pick me up from basketball practice. She was waiting for hours, so I ran out of Jose’s house so fast that I startled his entire family and even left my school books behind. I sprinted down the street in such a hurry that I couldn’t catch my breath and my mother was enraged.

2. Miami is known for its non-stop 7 days a week music & party scene. How has
being from Miami influenced you as a DJ?

“Miami is a beacon of luxury and that pristine lifestyle”

Miami taught me to stay competitive. The best place to be is 10 steps ahead of myself. This way I attract like minded people with some vision. To the entire world, Miami is a beacon of luxury and that pristine lifestyle. My team and I created Goodlife Miami to convey just that.

3. Your fans seem to be enamored by your music every time you are on that set.
When you want to make an impact on an audience, What’s the secret gem to
DJing ?

“Be a perfectionist but also remember to take a step back and have fun yourself.”

A packed dance floor or a hot mixshow comes directly from a DJ’s imagination. The gem is to create a space where this imagination flows naturally. So be a perfectionist but also remember to take a step back and have fun yourself. Keep your favorite drink around you or invite your friends to join you in order to make every night interesting.

4. What’s your favorite venue or event to play in Miami, and why?

The Clevelander South Beach. Because there is something special about being a part of Miami Beach history. The Clevelander has been around since 1938. You gotta respect it.

5. Can you share a bit about your upcoming projects or releases that your fans
can look forward to?

The D’party with The Mix Kings Mix show on Power 105.3 FM in Houston, Texas is off to a great start. The Goodlife Music show that I did over ten years ago. That might be re-visited and has the potential of making a comeback. The Icecold Sessions on sound-cloud features the Yelp Elite Squad of Broward & Palm Beach.

6. As a DJ, what’s your take on the impact of technology and streaming platforms on the music industry?

“This was my obsession as a young kid.”

I think if it wasn’t for the technology always changing, I wouldn’t have become the DJ I am today. I remember the days of Napster & Cool Edit Pro. This was my obsession as a young kid. When Serato first came out, the concept of controlling an MP3 with your hand and visually seeing it on the screen changed my world. 10 years ago, The Goodlife Music Show on Universe Network, Fire Music Radio, and Coast 2 Coast FM was my way to surround myself with the new technology of that time. That way I can find out what my weaknesses are and where my strengths lie.

7. Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring DJs who look up to you and
want to make it in the competitive music industry?

“DJ lifestyle is a commodity not a charity.”

First, clarify if you are DJ’ing for fun like a hobby or as a profession. Second, understand there is a community, almost like a brotherhood of Djs that dedicate their lives to the culture of DJ’ing. Most importantly; corporations need DJs to get their products out to the world because the DJ lifestyle is a commodity not a charity. Finally always remember; It was a DJ who gave the world 50 Cent. Rest In Peace DJ Jam Master Jay.







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