Which Cruise is Right For Me? #MiamiCruiseMonth Blog by DubbsnGabbs

Taking a cruise vacation has become a popular choice for most Americans these days. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s the all inclusive resort of the sea. Through out the years, we have had the opportunity to vacation with different cruise lines and have compared the services they offer. So if your looking to “board ship”, here are a few observations we’ve made of the ones we’ve been on:

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Club Space Miami

Photos: Club Space on a Saturday night by AZ.3000

What a wild night this was! We invited famed Miami photographer Daniel Arauz to party with us at Space. Check out these awesome visuals and make sure to follow @AZ.3000 on IG Join us each and every Saturday at Club Space Miami. For more info or VIP RSVP email: rsvp@goodlife.miami  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Miami, Brace Yourself for WMC and MMW 2017

Music is a gateway to heaven. Music is the way to your spirit. A universal language can be imparted to individuals all around. Without music, the world would be quiet and inauspicious. Music envelops you in a cover of solace, giving you motivation in snapshots of depression and distress.
If you have never been to Winter Music Conference or Ultra Music Festival, you might be mystified about how everything functions. Give us a chance to separate it for you.

Before you read more, check out the official After Movie of ULTRA 2016.

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A Taste of Downtown by DubbsnGabbs

This past Saturday, Biscayne Green hosted it’s first (and hopefully not last), Taste of Downtown pop up event in Biscayne Boulevard, Miami. The pop up event invited all foodies and taste testers of the city to indulge in teasers from different restaurant venues and all they had to offer. It was the perfect hip scenario […]

Biscayne Green Pop-up in Downtown Miami

“How cool is this place!?“ That’s all that was going through our mind when we stumbled upon “Biscayne Green” walking around Downtown Miami last Sunday Jan 8th. Check out the promo video below from their website: It gave us a feeling of “NYC Central Park” meets “Miami” kind of vibe. As we continued to explore […]