It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy!

Things keep getting better and better for the burb town of Kendall. More local restaurants are opening and being discovered. A recent new comer came to the stage and brought a delicious menu for all to try. We’re talking about Killer Melts. This hole in the wall restaurant was brought to our attention and we […]

The All New Giralda Plaza

Ladies and gentlemen, Coral Gables has come out to play! We all see how our city is becoming a great metropolis while catering to all groups; your foodies, fashionistas, hipsters, party goers, (the list goes on). The city life in downtown and the beach continues being renovated and upgraded. While it seemed that Coral Gables […]

Which Cruise is Right For Me? #MiamiCruiseMonth Blog by DubbsnGabbs

Taking a cruise vacation has become a popular choice for most Americans these days. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s the all inclusive resort of the sea. Through out the years, we have had the opportunity to vacation with different cruise lines and have compared the services they offer. So if your looking to “board ship”, here are a few observations we’ve made of the ones we’ve been on:

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